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Standing Committee of Synod
(incorporating BCO Editorial Committee)

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Committee Members:
Synod Moderator  ex officio       Matthew Roberts
Chris Hatch                             for British Presbytery
Chris Cradock                        for British Presbytery
Taero Yoon                             for Korean UK Presbytery 
                                                 for Korean UK Presbytery 
Byounghun Hwang                for South Korean Presbytery
tbc                                                                     for South Korean Presbytery
tbc                                             for European protoPresbytery    fJ          Geoffrey Decan                                  for European protoPresbytery    
Synod Clerk             ex officio          Joel Rinno J    Joel   J
The Standing Committee of Synod was established in 2016. 
It has the following remit:

To meet between Synods to:
a) build relationships and deepen understanding between Presbyteries.  
b) fulfill the functions of the BCO Editorial Committee,
c) investigate and manage relationships with other externall bodies,
d) support the Synod Moderator in his work,
e) nominate a Moderator and Clerk for the next session of Synod.

This committee includes two representatives of each Presbytery or proto-Presbytery, one of whom is the Presbytery moderator or their deputy.     

Agendas, Minutes, Draft documents, submitted amendments to the BCO and associated papers of the Standing/Editorial Committee will be archived here.
Individual Presbyters should raise issues through the Moderator/Clerk of their Presbytery or their representatives to the committee in the first instance. Current representatives of Presbyteries are listed opposite.
Next meeting: to follow Synod 2018
Venue: n/a

Papers for next meeting

Draft agenda - to follow
Standing Orders (updated 3rd March 2017)

Ordination certificates

Ruling Elder
Teaching Elder