BCO Amendments
Any approved amendments to the Book of Church Order will appear here

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The following BCO v4 Amendments were approved at Synod 10th June 2016:

Section 7.7.3 - Presbytery Committee of Enquiry

Section 8.9 - Formation of a Presbytery

Section 9.1 'Stage 4' - Established ('Particularised') Church


The following BCO v4 Amendments were approved at Synod 3rd March 2017:

Section 2.2.1 - Motions from other courts of the church

Section 8.10 - Presbytery falling below minimum number of churches

Additionally, although not strictly part of the BCO, the standing orders of the Standing Committee of Synod were revised.

Collectively these amendments together with BCO4 constitute BCO 5


The following BCO v5 Amendments were approved at Synod 2nd March 2018:

Section 7.4 - OOB Elders may rescind their vote at a given Presbytery meeting

Section 2.2 (para 3) - To reduce Synod quorum to 1/5 of eligible voting members

Section 8.2 (para 2) - OOB Elders may rescind their vote at a given Synod meeting

Sections 2.2, 3.7.1 and 3.7.2 - To change decisions on the remuneration of church officers